1. How can I request a meeting with a Greeter?

Fill out the application form! Please do not be shy: the more you tell us about you, the more the meeting with the Greeter will be an exciting experience!

  1. What happens after I send my application?

We will send you a confirmation email that your request for a meeting was taken into consideration. Generally, it is preferable to submit a request at least 15 days before the date of the meeting desired. Then you will be contacted by a Greeter available to arrange your meeting and get to know each other better. You will be given all the information about your Greeter so you can freely arrange the details directly with him / her.

  1. You sent a request for a visit but received a refusal, why?

We sincerely apologize to reject any requests, but we are still a few volunteers and unfortunately sometimes we can not cover all the meetings. We are working to improve our organization and we need your help and your understanding!

  1. How can I change or cancel my request?

You can contact our staff at the email florencegreeters@gmail.com and cancel/modify your meeting with a Greeter. It is very important for us to know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your meeting because we are still few and all ordinary citizens who offer our free time to welcome you and make you feel at home …

  1. Is meeting a Greeter free?

Of course! Meeting a Greeter means to meet a friend … who you haven’t known that you had in Florence and friends do not ask you to pay! The Greeters offer a voluntary service completely free of charge, in line with the core values of the Global Greeters Network .

  1. How can I support Florence Greeters?

Florence Greeters is for now only a network of active citizens of Florence, a network of friends in the world. It is not a registered association yet and therefore we can not accept donations. Our meetings are free and the best way to support us is to send us your feedback on the experience with our Greeter, give us advices and suggestions, spread the word about our program and/or just remain our friend if you want!

  1. How many people can participate in a meeting with a Greeter?

We accept a group of maximum 6 people, because with more people it would be much more difficult to make a friendship and to do linguistic and cultural exchange. Always remember that we are just friends walking together through the city or chatting at a table in a bar!

  1. Can children participate in a visit with a Greeter?

Sure! Florence is a great place for children, but of course they must be accompanied by an adult (of at least18 years of age).

  1. Who are you?

We are a small group of volunteers who love Florence and share the values of the Global Greeters Network . We have experienced visits with Greeters around the world and brought it to our city.

  1. Can we visit museums, churches and monuments with a Greeter?

Absolutely no! We are ordinary citizens, who offer our free time to welcome a guest in our city and thus we seize the opportunity to make friends, have a chat or, if you are a foreigner, to practice different languages. It is, therefore, a form of hospitality that has nothing to do with the traditional tourist guides’ work. All groups “Greeters”, in fact, share and are regulated by the following core values: we are all volunteers, we can accommodate single or few visitors and not being tour guides – we can not visit with you museums, churches, monuments, etc. (but in case of interest we can provide you contacts of ‘ Tourist Office ).

  1. Who can meet a Greeter?

Meeting a Greeter is free and all visitors are welcome without any kind of discrimination, since the programs Greeters support a type of sustainable and participatory tourism.

If we have not answered to your questions, please contact us at florencegreeters@gmail.com

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